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Become a Beta-Tester and a Developer.
Learn the skills necessary to start your own website development company.
Make great money on the side.
Help us build the next big thing.

Oh, and did we mention it doesn't cost a dime.

Position Summary

The purpose of this role is to assist our development team to establish a program for future students.

This will be done via phone AND virtual meetings. Beta-Testers will be responsible for providing feedback on materials, video content, and course curricula. 

NOTE: You can work with our team from anywhere.


What you’ll be doing…

You’ll be reviewing course content. We need you to imagine you're one of our students. With this in mind, you will help us find issues with each piece of content we produce. 

Don't worry, you're not just an editor-of-sorts, you're a genuine part of the team. We need your feedback. What do you like/dislike? What would you do differently? We need your help...

As part of this opportunity, you’ll also be a part of a VERY fast-paced and high-growth company. You’re getting in at the ground floor of a growing company and will have input and responsibility as we grow the team.


This is for you if:

  • You work well with others

  • You’re great with people – and not afraid to challenge them to be their best

  • You are an action taker, you’re good at problem-solving and figuring things out on your own with minimal direction… you know how to create your own structured work environment

  • You are process-driven – you don’t just look at a task, but innovate and find ways to improve the entire system

  • You’re coachable. You seek out growth opportunities at any change you get – actively reading and learning from books or courses to get better at your role


Lastly and most importantly, you’re driven. You want to work hard, learn a ton, and maybe start your own business someday.

DISQUALIFIERS: Please DO NOT apply to this position if you:

  • Are not obsessively open-minded

  • Are not prepared to work with others

  • Don’t have the drive and ability to self motivate

  • Have no interest in using what you learn to build websites or start a business (We only want people who are genuinely invested in starting something for themselves. We want people who could see themselves being students in another life)

If none of these things can be said of you, then please continue reading…


("Beta-Tester" = specialized education for our Beta-Testers. "Team" = group training and brainswarming sessions to generate ideas for the program)

Phase One - The Beginning

  1. Sales 101

  2. Beta-Tester - website introduction training 

  3. Team - brainswarming 

  4. Team - course content creation

  5. Team - course curricula creation

 Phase Two - Basic

  1. Sales 201 & 301

  2. Beta-Tester - basic website building 

  3. Beta-Tester - sales theory

  4. Team - review Basic course content. Offer feedback and suggestions

  5. Team - provide a rough draft of a course syllabus for team review

Phase Three - Pro

  1. Sales 401

  2. Beta-Tester - pro website building 

  3. Beta-Tester - Design Theory

  4. Team - review Pro course content. Offer feedback and suggestions

  5. Team - provide a rough draft of a course syllabus for team review

Phase Four - Elite

  1. Sales Masterclass

  2. Beta-Tester - elite website building 

  3. Beta-Tester - SEO, CRO, A/B Testing

  4. Team - review Elite course content. Offer feedback and suggestions

  5. Team - provide a rough draft of a course syllabus for team review


We do need something from you:

Before you start squirming, the reason we ask you to help promote us is twofold. First, we want to believe that you're invested in our success. After all, you are helping us build something awesome. Second, we charge close to $6,000 for the combined education you'll receive with us.

So, here's what we need:

  1. Minimum, two social media posts per week about your experience. (You choose the platform)

  2. Two 500 word blog posts

  3. Periodic "homework" to help the Team.

*Failure to meet the above requirements results first, in a warning.

A second missed assignment results in expulsion from the program. 


At Fake Tie, we value work ethic, coachability, and your abilities more than your degree (or lack thereof), GPA, etc. That's why all applicants moving past the initial application review will be interviewed for team compatibility and potential. Not past achievements. 


  • An obsessively open-mind

  • A willingness to role-play scenarios and imitate future students. 

  • A reliable internet connection and computer

  • A drive to help others

  • Sales Experience



  • Project management experience 

  • Extensive Sales Experience

  • A background in education

  • Operational experience

  • Website Development, SEO, CRO, A/B Testing



Though you're a Beta-Tester, we want you to make money too.

Pay can be a bit tricky, so let's break it down.

Because we will be doing most of the work on these websites AND teaching you, we believe it's fair that we share a percentage of the revenue.

That said, we want to champion your success, and if you can make bucket-loads while working with us - AWESOME! So here's how it works:

1. You bring us a lead and we establish the cost of doing business. Simply arrange an appointment for us and you, me, and the client will meet together

(Please do not offer our services without speaking to us first. Pricing is a difficult strategy by itself and we wouldn't want to underbid ourselves. Failure to speak with us prior to establishing a price means the website is solely your responsibility and our company Guarantees will not apply).

2. After the price is determined, you and our CEO will establish a revenue share. In nearly all cases we will split the cost of the build with you 50/50.

Here's the great news. We will never take more than 50%, but you can take home more than 50% in some cases.

For example: Let's say you close a $5,000 website deal and we determine that the cost of our services is only $2,000. You get to keep the rest. That's right. We will never take more than 50% and you can earn serious money! (All while learning to build your own sites and start your own business).

3. We build the site together, and hold your share of the revenue in a protected escrow account. After project completion, we pay you, in full! 

*Think of it. Perhaps the most important skill you will need to develop is marketing yourself.

Every qualified lead you bring to Fake Tie gets you paid, while you're going to school, for FREE.

So that basically means you can get paid to go to school.

Still not sinking in?

What if you land two $500 clients, one $1,000 client, three $3,000 clients, and one $7,000 client?


That's $18,000 in websites. The minimum you'll walk home with when you're finished with school is $9,000. THE MINIMUM. 

Let me tell you what I'd do... I'd use that as seed money to start a website development company called Holy Friggin Sh**, I Just Earned a Bucket-Load of Money for GOING TO School (LLC haha)!


Before we get into what you'll learn here's what you need to do to make money and how most salespeople stack up:

If you're okay, you'll close five $500 sites. That's $1,250 in your pocket

If you’re Average you'll close ten $500 sites. That's $2,500 in your pocket

If you’re Good you'll close ten $1,000 sites. That's $5,000 in your pocket

If you’re Great you'll close ten $2,500 sites. That's $12,500 in your pocket.

If you’re a 1 percenter, you'll close ten $5,000 sites. That's $25,000 in your pocket.

*All amounts above represent compensation based on your ability to sell.


About Fake Tie

Fake Tie is a turn-key brand creation company whose primary focus is on building websites. We also create world-class logos, print materials, and perform SEO, CRO, and A/B testing for the right clients. 


We've been fortunate since our inception and want to teach people how they too can start a website design company in as little as 30 days. 

We genuinely care about the success of our students which is why we're taking the time to beta test our concept before releasing it to market.

Our company is driven by 3 unique questions:

  • What if instead of bankrupting students, we pay them to go to school?

  • What if we focus on teaching only the skills that matter in the real world?

  • What if we empower students to start their own businesses?

The purpose of our company is to disrupt the website development industry and more broadly, the education system. We want to show people that school shouldn't require going into debt. You shouldn't have to give away the bank to learn junk you just don't need.

The education industry is broken. Big companies are antiquated and inefficient. They take advantage of students by forcing them to pay for classes they don't need. Our company exists to show people there is a better way…

…a way that doesn’t involve: going to an overpriced university, wasting 4 years of your life, and racking up $50,000 in debt.

About the team:

There are currently 2 full-time, and several part-time team members at Fake Tie, working remotely from across the country and around the world. 

That's why we're reaching out to you. Sure, we are looking for Beta-Testers. More importantly, we are looking for people who will be on the cutting edge as we continue to grow. 

We will consider it a failure if every one of our employees makes anything less than six figures every year.

All team members are “A players”, with a love and passion and a drive to do great work and make the world a better place.

You won’t find grumbling, negative co-workers here. People at Fake Tie are passionate and excited about what they do!

About the culture:

Here are the company's core values. 

  1. Embrace Failure. Own It. Learn From It.

  2. Be Obsessively Open-Minded

  3. Challenge Everything

  4. Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good

  5. Unflinching Kindness Is Our Standard

  6. Never Inhibit Creativity

  7. Treat Your Colleagues Like Family

Please take the time to fill out the information below.

Beta-Tester Application

1 of 8 Questions

Beta-Tester Application

Hello Future Beta-Testers & Developers

Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you a super motivated and driven person?

Do your friends and colleagues say your one of the smart ones?

Then please read on…

We are preparing to launch an online school that teaches motivated entrepreneurs to build websites and start their own businesses in under 30 days.

Right now we are looking for obsessively open-minded people who consider themselves strategic thinkers. People who enjoy working with others to create new, industry-changing programs.

We want people who can help us build the best program the world has ever seen. This means you will help us launch this program from concept to polished final product.

You will enter on the ground floor as a beta-tester, receiving all of the training our most sophisticated programs will offer - for FREE.

If you feel like you're a match and you think that learning how to be a Web Developer would be an awesome career, then please complete our Beta-Tester Application.

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Founder & CEO
Eric Hansen

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