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Apply for Fake Tie Scholarship

Tell us why you want a scholarship

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What is the Fake Tie Scholarship program?

Fake Tie's mission is to Save the Universe from Bad Websites. In order to do this, we must empower others. 

When cost is a roadblock, we believe people deserve an opportunity despite their financial situation.

Who should apply for the Fake Tie Scholarship?

Individuals who

  • Are looking for a serious transformation, and are willing to work their tails off to that end.

  • Are not afraid of hard work and want to employ the skills they learn to better themselves. 

  • Are driven to excel while others get their beauty sleep.

Who qualifies for the Fake Tie Scholarship?

The scholarship is for individuals who can’t afford to pay but are ready to pay in content. It’s going to require a significant amount of work from you. It may honestly be easier to find the means to pay. 

We vet candidates thoroughly and offer Scholarships to a select few. If you are driven and adhere to the following criteria, you meet the minimum criteria.

The motivation to complete one of the following three Fake Tie sessions within 4 weeks (no time extensions, no exceptions):

  • "You Build It" - Learn to build your own websites. Build your own or start a web development business.

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  • "We Build It" - Build multiple websites with a professional developer during one-on-one coaching sessions. Build your site or start a business. Make real money during this program. (Only for the most motivated students. This program requires you to find real clients). *Additional requirements may be required.
  • You have the willingness and the drive to write an article about what you’ve learned once a week on a public blog of your choice.

  • You are willing to create at least two additional social media posts per week.

  • You complete all homework on time (no extensions, no exceptions).

    You will be required to provide a blog post URL every week so it can be approved by the Fake Tie team. You will author no less than 4 blog posts and a minimum of 1,000 words per post (4,000 words total). This is non-negotiable and we will vet to ensure this requirement is met. Your coach will also monitor your social media posts and homework.


    • The first time you fail to execute a requirement will result in a warning. A second failure will result in the immediate cancelation of your scholarship.

    • Removing any post after completing your course will result in the cancelation of your account and certificate. Your payment for the Certificate is the 4 blog posts and 8 social media posts. (If enrolling in the "We Build It" program, you may be required to split the fees you charge your customers).

  • You are not currently in an active trial at Fake Tie.

  • You are unable to afford the Fake Tie's standard pricing options.

What are the next steps?

  1. Fill out the form above to apply for the Fake Tie scholarship. Upon submission, we’ll start the process of vetting your application.

  2. You’ll get an email response from Fake Tie within one week of completing your application. You’ll find out in this email if you have been accepted into the scholarship program.

  3. If we have any follow-up questions regarding your application, we will reach out to you directly.

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