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World-class websites that turns browsers into buyers!

No obligation. No Credit Card Required.

Everything Your Website Needs

40+ website elements

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Data Analytics

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Instant access to your site


Calls to Action


Email Marketing

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It's hard to find a reliable Website Design Company in Denver, CO

Here's how to tell if your developer is ripping you off...

1. You don't have access to your own site.

2. They don't explain their services.

3. They don't ask you about your goals.

4. They make unrealistic promises.

5. They don't answer your questions.

6. They give you Analytics reports that are basically chunks of unintelligible data.

7. They've never heard of SEO or CRO or they won't set up your analytics.

8. They don't have their own online presence or do not have a business.

9. They offer to work without a contract.

10. They charge way more than their competitors - or way less.

11. Your web designer is difficult to connect with or challenging in general.

12. They have way too many clients.

13. They haven’t learned new web design skills since 1997.



No credit card required. No obligation. Just a free checklist instantly.

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Don't be fooled!

Make sure you ask the right questions when dealing with a designer. This free checklist is a great place to start

Infinite combinations

No industry is off limits

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See your site and comment as it's being built

"Possibly the most important step to starting your business."

Websites are

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Design plays a huge part in your credibility

  • 75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone

  • 94% of users’ first impressions are design-related 

  •  It only takes visitors 50 milliseconds to form a first impression of your website design

Traditional web development is

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Customers like you don't know

  • When their site will be finished

  • What the developer is doing with their money

  • Exactly what they get for their money

  • What happens after the website is finished

There's no doubt about it: A well-designed, perfectly optimized website, makes life instantly better for you and your business.

But there's more to a website than 0's and 1's. The truth is that you have to find a Designer who's worth their salt.

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Avoid the hassles of hiring a design company

Dedicated Account Manager

No need to search for customer service numbers and forms for help. You will have your own On Demand Account Manager (AM) for help with technical and design challenges. 

Completely customized solution

You're business is unique and your brand must be too. Everything you get from us will be 100% unique to you. 

Always know what's next

Our strategist will walk you through every step of the build and send you a timeline, with milestones, so you can rest assured you project is on time and on track.

Up front pricing

After speaking with one of our strategists, we'll send you a comprehensive proposal so you know exactly what you'll pay. 

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Unlimited Revisions

Using our "Feedback Software" you can watch as we build your site, suggest immediate changes, and see exactly what we're working on for you.

What’s your goal today?

1. Hire us to grow your brand


Claim your FREE website strategy session with one of our world-classs experts

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2. Learn how to build your own website

  • Learn useful tools and techniques. Capitalize on unique hacks. DIY all the way to the top.

  • Schedule a free training session with someone who sincerely wants to help you build your business.

  • Get notified when our upcoming book "The Seven Laws of Startups" is released and get your FREE copy. 

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3. Contact Us Immediately

  • We help businesses everywhere, so get in touch!

  • Sales and marketing support: marketing[@]faketie[.]org

  • (720) 660-5395

  • Or try our CEO: Eric Hansen - eric[@]faketie[.]com

Do you want to learn to build a Custom Website in Denver Colorado in under 30-days?

Learn to design based on science, design theory, and cool stuff like eye-tracking. Build websites that are gorgeous and perfectly optimized.

Learn to build a site based on color theory, color harmony, and color conflict. Use professional tools you can build into your pricing to ensure incredible designs. 

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Six for Six Guarantees​

We almost added a seventh; that no one else would dare offer these to you.

1. The Happy As A Clam Guarantee - if you're unhappy for any reason, up until we agree to a final product, we will refund every penny.

2. The Speed Racer Guarantee - we will deliver the first draft of your site within 14 days or we will pay you $100 per day until we do.

3. The Last Hurrah Guarantee - we will deliver a final site for review within the agreed-upon timeline or pay you $100 per day until we do.

4. The You Can't Lose Guarantee - You are entitled to unlimited revisions using our Feedback Software until we agree to a final product.

5. The Take It To The Bank Guarantee - The price we agree to is the price you pay, no matter what extra work we must do to finish your site.

6. The You Can Count On Us Guarantee - All errors related to our build will be fixed, FREE of charge, for life.

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