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15 Product-Naming Templates

15 Product-Naming Templates

Fair or not, your prospects are going to make their buying decision in large part based on the name of your product. That’s why you want to make sure you brainstorm and test a lot of different titles so that you can find the one that attracts the most cash-paying customers. And a good place to start your brainstorming is with these product-naming templates. Take a look…

1. The Quick and Easy Way to [Get a Benefit].E.G., The Quick and Easy Way to Land Your Dream Job.

2. What [Some Pros] Know About [Getting Some Benefit]. E.G., What Million-Dollar Copywriters Know About Crafting High-Converting Sales Letters.

3. How to [Get a Benefit] [In Some Short Amount of Time].E.G., How to Housetrain Your Puppy In 72 Hours or Less.

4. The Surprising Way to [Get a Benefit]. E.G., The Surprising Way to Save Thousands on Your Energy Bill.

5. [Some Process] Made Easy. E.G., Car Buying Made Easy.

6. [Accomplish Some Goal] In [Some Short Time Frame].E.G., Start a Six-Figure Business in Just One Hour Per Day.

7. How to [Get a Benefit], Even [If You Have Something That Might Prevent You from Getting Good Results]. E.G., How to Lose 50 Pounds Quickly and Safely, Even If Your Metabolism Is Super Slow.

8. What [Some Person] [Won’t Tell You or Doesn’t Want You to Know About Some Topic]. E.G., What Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You About Losing Weight.

9. [Some Topic] Magic.E.G., Marketing Magic.

10. How to [Get Some Benefit] Without [Investing a Lot of Time or Money]. E.G., How to Start a Six-Figure Business Without Investing a Dime of Your Own Money.

11. What [Type of Person Does] When [They Need to Get a Benefit]. E.G., What Personal Trainers Do When They Need to Lose a Quick 10 Pounds.

12. The [Old] [Type Of] Secret That [Gets Some Results Like Crazy]. E.G, the 2000-Year-Old Nutrition Secret That Melts Fat Like Crazy.

13. The Simple Way to [Get Some Result/Do Some Task]. E.G., The Simple Way to Train for Your First Ultra Marathon.

14. [Number] [Tips/Tricks/Secrets/Hacks] For [Getting Some Result/Doing Some Task].E.G., 101 Productivity Hacks for Getting a Lot More Done in a Lot less Time.

15. How to [Get a Benefit] In [Number of Easy Steps]. How to Start a Profitable Blog in Five Incredibly Easy Steps.


Once you’ve worked through the above templates, you’ll probably even have more possible titles come to mind. Be sure to write them all down so you don’t forget them, and then get to work uncovering the title that puts the most money in your pocket!

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