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Brand Vs. Logo: How Do They Contribute To Your Brand Image

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Do a brand and a logo work for the same business or company? Absolutely!

Are these two synonymous terms for the same things. Not at all!

So why exactly do entrepreneurs and business owners use the terms logo and brand interchangeably and imply that they mean the same thing?

The two-tailed mermaid logo on this cup reminds the consumer of Starbucks

We're are here to shatter these misconceptions and brief you on the true meaning behind a brand and a logo and how they work synergistically! Read on!

What is a Logo?

Once you set your eyes on a logo, you'll immediately recognize the name of the brand!

This is precisely what makes a logo a visual image that often features a brand's name, a graphic image, and eye-catching colors to attract the audience.

It can be placed atop the products, branded on the staff's uniform, embossed on their business card, or used on their social media handle.

A logo can help consumers identify the brand, urge them to check it out, and eventually buy it off the rack.

What makes a brand?

While a logo is a visual image, a brand promotes a conceptual image inside the consumer's mind!

A brand like 'Chanel' promotes the feelings of luxury

A brand has the power to trigger specific emotional or experiential responses within a consumer. Moreover, a brand is a comprehensive summary of the business. When clients think about a particular brand, they can't help but also think about its image, logo, services, products, customer services (either good or bad; depending on the consumer's prior experience), and any advertisements.

For instance, as soon as a customer thinks of a brand like FedEx, they might be reminded of its logo, the service they encountered, and overall experience.

Logo Vs. Brand: How do they work for a business?

Now that you're aware of the critical differences between a brand and a logo, it's time that you learn how they work.

Both brand and logo work to benefit the brand image.

Before you question the concept behind a brand image, let us explain it to you.

A brand image is the culmination of all tangible and intangible elements of your business. It can be anything from a visually pleasing logo to the kind of customer service you extend to your customers. This is where logo and brand come into play. They work to uplift a brand's image and make it stronger and more relevant to the crowd.

While a logo may spark images of a specific business and its products, the brand will make you feel everything on an emotional level.

While the logo fits complete the brand, the brand itself works to uphold the entire brand image!

A logo doesn't always have to cost you a fortune! At FAKETIE, we offer incredibly affordable logo design services in Colorado. Whether you want to convey a message through your brand or establish an identity marker for your business, we are the right guys for you!

So pick up your phone and give us a call to get your dream logo designed today!

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