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Top 3 Characteristics of Successful Logos

Logo design services in Colorado

Successful logos are memorable, iconic, and have a solid visual identity.

They're not just pretty pictures; logos communicate how you feel about your business or organization to others and cast an impression on them.

As identified by Forbes, a logo establishes a connection between the user and the company. It is the first thing a customer sees, and it should be designed to create an emotional connection with them.

Your logo needs to be unique and professional – without being too expensive.

At FakeTie, our top logo designers in Colorado can help you curate a logo that's simple, attractive, and unique. Our affordable logo design services and SEO-friendly website creation are here to drive your Colorado business to success.

If sales are slow and you're looking to boost your business, here's why you need a logo to revamp:

Simple and Memorable

You don't want users spending hours trying to understand what your brand offers while staring at your logo!

For a logo to be deemed simple, it should be able to be recreated by memory. Think of the NIKE logo; you don't need to pick your brains to recall its design.

The same goes for Target; the striking simplicity of the logo makes it unique and easy to be remembered so that anywhere you see the two red concentric circles, you won't be questioning whether they belong to Target or you're missing out on some details.

Tells a Story

A successful logo holds more meaning than what appears at first glance.

The brand logo of Toyota contains all the letters of the word hidden within that one. Similarly, there's a hidden arrow in the FedEx logo that indicates moving and keeps up with the business model of moving goods.

A great logo holds meaning; the red color of Target's logo represents love, passion, and energy while the white provides a contrast by indicating style and elegance. All in all, in just two circles, the logo conveys everything the brand stands for.

Get in touch with our expert logo design services in Colorado to get your brand out there.

Is Timeless

While it's always been believed that art is timeless, digital art may not be.

With the constant changes that brands and the global market are undergoing, successful logos endure the test of time. A good design does not need too much detail since these can change over time due to expansion or changes within society.

For instance, NIKE's logo shall always remain relevant because a tick is likely not to hold a different meaning.

Stick to straightforward typography and colors which are not too complicated or distracting so that you never have to worry about changing your logo to keep up with your brand identity.

Logo design services in Colorado

Looking for a custom logo design company in Colorado? Check out our logo design service and get in touch with us at FakeTie.

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