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Configuring Your Website Navigation for Maximum Benefits

Website design services in Colorado

An excellent navigational system can help people find what they need quickly and easily.

With so many options for the design of a website, it can be challenging to know what will work best for your business. However, navigation should be a primary consideration.

The way you choose to organize your navigation menus and buttons can significantly impact how people interact with your site. It can help increase visitor traffic and generate sales for any business.

Research suggests that it only takes 50 milliseconds for a user to create an impression about your company via the website's visual appeal.

At FakeTie, our team of web developers are equipped with the latest tools to help you create a smashing website for your business. Based in Colorado, we offer SEO-friendly website creation and affordable logo design services. You can also go for a complete rebranding package.

Here's how to configure and create an intuitive, user-friendly website navigation system that works for your business.

Use Breadcrumbs on the Homepage

A breadcrumb is a trail of links that helps your website users find their way back to the main page.

To one's fascination, the word 'breadcrumbs' comes from Hansel and Gretel, a fairy tale in which the protagonist leaves a trail of bread crumbs so he can find his way home.

People find it hard to keep track of where they are on a website. Website breadcrumbs consist of a horizontal trail where each web page is separated by the '>' sign, letting you know which pages you've clicked on. They can be based on hierarchies, attributes, or history.

Breadcrumbs provide relevance to a website by ensuring all web pages are connected and are within two clicks away.

A Clean Aesthetic

Less is still more! Experts from our web design team in Colorado agree that the golden rule of a successful SEO website is minimalism.

By incorporating clean spaces, you can allow all focus to shift towards the important content to appeal to the user. Slapping a bunch of elements onto a single screen can confuse users and distract them from why they clicked the website.

This eventually results in a distracted user who doesn't come through to the end of the process and convert a lead.

Additionally, cohesion is absolutely essential in your website aesthetic; the color scheme used for your menu should work well with your business logo. Everything should look like it's part of the same story.

Reach out to our website developers in Colorado to help you find an attractive and professional-looking menu for your site.

Low Page Load Time

While speed can kill on the road, it's what drives traffic on websites.

People are impatient — and technology has played its due part in causing this. Rather than waiting for a website to load, people are more inclined to go back and see the other off their google search list.

Improving your page speed can be a quick and efficient motivating factor in retaining a user once they're on your website so that navigation remains smooth.

Website design services in Colorado

The website design process is never complete; it's constantly evolving. We're always learning new things and incorporating strategy changes at FakeTie.

Learn more about us and our core values. Call us at (720) 613-2444 for more details and assistance.

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