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SEO Friendly Website—Here's Why You Need One

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Your website features a clean and responsive design, but if potential customers can't find it, it's probably time to hire an SEO specialist!

An SEO expert can help you attract customers and build your brand image. But, what is an SEO-friendly website, and why should you aim for one?

An SEO-friendly website can set your business up for success

We look at all the reasons why you should consider setting up an SEO-friendly website and set your online business up for success!

Aim for organic traffic

While you might be tempted to sign up for a PPC campaign, it can put a dent in your pocket!

On the other hand, SEO generates organic traffic that's bound to convert. A PPC might make you rank higher and get recognized, but organic traffic is directed to your website because a potential customer is looking for a solution.

A search engine optimized site will not just rank higher but will also bring in customers who're explicitly looking for your product or services.

Optimize your business for conversions

While paid traffic might make you the undisputed king of SERPs. However, if customers don't walk in to buy your product or service, you're rankings are of no use!

An SEO-friendly website will direct interested customers to your website and ensure that they actually buy from you. Moreover, such an SEO-friendly website is easy to navigate and reduces decision fatigue for the customers.

Whether you want your customers to sign up for your service, buy a product, or just become a part of your cult, an SEO-friendly website will ensure that your clients convert.

Improve ranking in SERPs

While you may not want to get crawled over a spider, it's incredibly crucial for your website!

SEO-friendly website ranks higher in Google SERPs

A search engine spider will crawl all over your website and then rank you according to the quality of your content. If your content has been 'optimized' for search engine crawlers, there's nothing that can stop you from securing a spot in the initial SERPs!

Establish brand credibility

An SEO-friendly website is a gift that keeps on giving.

An SEO-friendly website won't just bring in more potential customers. It'll land you a place in the top SERPs, make your site more user-friendly, and improve your brand credibility.

Since Google only ranks credible and reliable businesses and websites, your users are bound to acknowledge your brand image and reputation.

Crucial for mobile users

Google loves mobile-friendly websites, which is why it has taken the initiative to rank such websites higher in their SERPs.

Search Engine Optimization can actually make your website more user and mobile-friendly. Since over half of the global traffic accesses websites through mobile phones, an SEO-friendly website is highly crucial to Google.

Looking to get an SEO-friendly website for your business? FAKE TIE is just a call away!

We are a full-service web development company that'll design a logo, program your site, maintain it, and ensure that it features a user-friendly design.

Schedule a free web development session with us and begin working on your business or personal website today!

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